Hello peeps! I thought it was time to finally share with you these photos that we shot already during our first day in Rome after landing, wihoo! Apart from a photo shoot for Knut Gadd in the morning we had the day off and decided to go for a looong walk around the city for some spaghetti, Fontana di Trevi moments (was really crowded and what’s up with all those cops? I seriously saw more in one block in Rome than I’ve ever seen in Sweden my whole life) and of course, the final destination, Ladurée! If I wasn’t in love with Rome already from our previous visits, I really am now! Everything about this city is just magical – the architecture, the people, the food, the ambience…! The only cons have been our inability to (lack of talent in terms of) open(ing) the door to our room at the hotel, lol, because we seriously don’t understand how that key works and that we were stalked by a cop car with two police officers for like half an hour yesterday so apparently we look fishy. But still I feel so so happy to be here!

We’re going for some pizza now (self-proclaimed pizza expert over here!) so I hope you like these pictures of me in Fendi, Karen Millen, 7 for all Mankind, Valentino and Gucci, yay! See you soon for an update on our project with Knut Gadd! xx


TOP Karen Millen

JEANS 7 for all Mankind


BAG Valentino

Helena S. de Ilenczfalva


  1. Wow, your pictures are always perfect! Just stunning! You look more and more gorgeous, Helena!
    Visit my blog!

  2. You are so beautiful and I love what you are wearing! Rome is a beautiful city! Hope to come back some day! Happy Holidays! :)

  3. Haha you look so cute and pretty! I really love the photos! Everything here is beautiful! :) x

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