Yay, as you know I’ve had the pleasure to work on a very exciting project with Knut Gadd and wear their iconic, absolutely gorgeous new watch and what place more suitable to shoot a super elegant and luxurious piece than Rome? I was given a lot of creative freedom and basically got to choose everything myself so in terms of the watch I opted for this white one that I thought was a little extra feminine (though all the watches are actually unisex which is really awesome and kind of challenges all of those gender stereotypes one step closer towards equality). Combined with some Benetton, Karen Millen, Valentino, Dior and Shourouk I was super happy and definitely ready to go (and was actually on time for once thanks to the watch hehe!)

A little more about the label… Knut Gadd is a Swedish heritage watch brand characterised by design and workmanship with a little extra attention to detail. Every single part is very carefully attended to and made by the most luxurious pieces such as Italian calf skin or sapphire crystals. I personally feel like it is perfect for a modern entrepreneur with a love for the classics and all the visionaries with an innovative way of living! And what better Christmas gift for a loved one than a watch? ;)

After two weeks in Rome I am back in Sweden working hard in law school before Christmas next week (NOT! *Slacker alert*!). I am super excited as this year my friend Ali is coming to celebrate with my family. Even if we haven’t known each other for long and live in different cities, ever since our first ever exchange of words last summer when we randomly ended up at the seats next to each other on a boat from the archipelago to the city, I just somehow knew that he would come to mean a lot to me and at this time I sort of see him like a little brother (already planned his graduation reception next year and everything, lol). Even if he was brought up in Afghanistan and I in Sweden with a completely different culture I just immediately felt that we connected on a deeper level in a way that I haven’t previously experienced so I am so, so excited to introduce me to my (his new) family. See you soon for an update on where I’m going in January-February plus some more pics from Rooooma!

WATCH Knut Gadd


SKIRT & HEELS Karen Millen

BAG Valentino

RING Shourouk


BRACELET Wanderlust & Co

Helena S. de Ilenczfalva


  1. A very elegant and feminine look! :) The accessories are perfect! <3

  2. I love love love love LOVE how you combined this look! Congratulations on the well done collab! The pink lipstick with the beige and white makes you look like a little ballerina! :)

  3. You look beautiful! :) the photos are excellent! :) x
    Nikolina | lifestyle & fashion blogger

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