Hello peeps! Once again I am glad to present you with some more photos from my little Knut Gadd project! The more I think about it, the more I love this watch and how versatile it is! Johanna and I shot these photos early morning on a rather gloomy day in Rome and once again I had one of those days when I just felt like being comfortable and dress down in a kind of man like attire (like I am seriously so jealous of Hugo sometimes considering the amount of time it takes for him to put on clothes in the morning, like no annoying dress zipper you have to stretch out your arms behind your back to close so that it feels like your arms are gonna fall off your shoulders, no need to put a zillion plasters on your toes to decrease the pain from the high heels etc.) and I thought the watch matched perfectly to this kind of outfit as well, hehe! The shirt (which is one of my favourites) is from l’Academie via Revolve, the denim from Karen Millen (cool fact is that they started to follow me on Instagram recently lol #lifegoals), bag from Prada and shoes from Chloe.

My following three weeks will be spent in Sweden for Christmas, New Years, my birthday (yay – really want this YSL bag, what do you think about it?) and the last exam for this semester, but after that Hugo and I are flying out for some time in Paris where we will be living some craaay-zaaaay experiences for some time before flying for a rather short time to the Caribbean. I’ve never been there before so I am super excited as we will swim with dolphins and just be on the chill pill (so maybe no blog posts as I want to really relax and live a little in the “real” world but I will make sure to post on Instagram) but then again I think it’s a pity that we aren’t allowed to leave the hotel area due to the high risk of being victims of crime because then I don’t really get to know the area as much as I usually try to do when visiting new places. After that I might go for a short trip to London before flying back to Budapest for my grandfather’s 80th birthday! I am really excited about everything and all the content I will create but more about that later! ;)

WATCH Knut Gadd

SHIRT l’Academie

DENIM Karen Millen (similar)

BAG Prada (similar)


Helena S. de Ilenczfalva


  1. This is probably one of my favourite outfits from you! You really master both casual and elegant at the same time! ;) xx

  2. Beautiful photos despite the gloomy weather! :) sound like you have quite an adventure ahead of you! :) x
    Nikolina | lifestyle & fashion blogger

  3. Gooood juuul, Hele!!!!!! Hoppas vi ses snart igen!! puss och kram!!! ??❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    /you know who

    • GOD JUL, ÄLSKADE KORVLISA!!!!!!!!!!! JAAAA, hoppas jag med!! Puss och kram! :*****’ <33333333

  4. Love the post and thoughtful content!!?
    ?Hope you had an amazing weekend!!
    I am glad you enjoyed reading my recent posts and thank you!!
    Happy Holidays!!!

    • Thank you, sweetest Harija! Hope your Christmas is absolutely lovely! :) x

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