Hello from the northwest of Bali! I got so many questions from you on Instagram when I uploaded stories from our bungalow and, well, as mentioned here is a presentation of this gorgeous hotel – Matahari Beach Resort & Spa. I really love hotels that provide a unique little lifestyle experience where you can just imagine the stories of all the people who have wandered along those paths, walked along the beach and where you can feel a strong cultural heritage. To say the least, Matahari Beach Resort definitely lives up to that. The area being a tropical garden located between the Java sea and the mountains it is one of the most secluded and calm places I’ve ever visited, no wonder it is called the Garden of Eden by locals. Not to mention, the people working there were sooo friendly and sweet. If you missed my story on Instagram we even got handmade flower necklaces when they picked us up at the airport and in the car they had extra fluffy pillows and water prepared in case we were tired after the flight. The driver was also so cute and acted as our guide as he was driving us through the most beautiful landscapes during the three hour ride to the hotel that we decided to book him us our driver on our way to Ubud later as well, hehe. Fun fact is that once in Ubud when we mentioned that we came from Matahari Beach Resort the locals said that this hotel had since long been sort of like a little Mecca or place of pilgrimage among residents on the island.

Besides relaxing by the pool or at the private beach we got to try out a whole range of fun activities. Every morning it was possible to attend yoga classes and the hotel even has its own tennis and golf courts. At the beach it was possible to go surfing, play table tennis or chess at a large and super charming chess board that you might have spotted here already. With some help from the staff you can also book snorkelling adventures or horse back riding at the beach, which in my opinion are some of the most fun, different and memorable things you can do. The fact that all of this is in done outside in this beautiful area where you can feel the smell from the sea and the fresh air just adds up to the unique and relaxing experience.

To the thing that I was most excited about prior to our arrival and what probably makes the resort most unique – the bungalows. They were all crafted by local artisans in the most beautiful wood, every single detail very carefully attended to (I mean, just look at that door). Apart from being really luxurious they were very spacious with a natural floral smell, and I can’t even begin to describe the sensation waking up to the sound of the birds with the morning light coming in from the windows and leaving those beautiful reflections on the floor. The four-poster bed was also so comfortable. Every night when we were out for dinner the people from the hotel left a little box with biscuits on our pillows before veiling the bed and we had constant refills of the complimentary fruit and water bottles. Every bungalow also had both in- and outdoor showers (looked like a dragon with the water coming from the mouth and next to eat was a stone mermaid looking out into the sky), large closets and robes with matching slippers, yay.

Both Hedvig and I had a 1 hr massage at the Parwathi spa that was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The masseur was educated in anatomy and, based on how my back looked, could immediately tell how much time I spend on my phone, in front of the computer and at the desk studying (which is actually like ten minutes per semester, loool, but probably gives the same effect as working on the laptop, hence the misunderstanding) and could give the best of advice on how to alleviate the occasional pain in terms of exercise, nutrition and other choices of lifestyle. Before the massage all guests can take a bath or shower in the most beautiful bath tub outdoors while listening to the sound of the birds and I was even accompanied by a super cute orange cat, hihi. He or she didn’t belong to the hotel but apparently they feed him from time to time so that he stays healthy which I thought was very sweet. I think there is definitely something to what Gandhi said about the nature of people being determined by the consideration they show animals. Anyways, starting with a foot massage in the outdoor part of the massage facilities the rest was carried out indoors in a very calm room with the most beautiful wooden ornaments that in my opinion suited the beautiful nature profile of the residence very well and contributed to the feeling of serenity. When the massage was finished we enjoyed a super healthy and yummy drink in the area outside while watching the sun set and reading some Dostoyevsky.

Both Hedvig and I had the most amazing stay possible at Matahari Beach Resort & Spa. In fact we loved the place so much that we didn’t even leave the area until it was time for us to go to Ubud. I have definitely created so many amazing and special memories at this place. Even if our stay was short I know for certain that I will remember how my feet walked on the black sand beach, the out-of-this-world-delicious three course meal we enjoyed by the sea during night fall, the tinkle from an instrument played by a super cute man during breakfast each morning (who greeted everybody with the cutest smile ever!), our laughs, our awfully bad attempts to play darts, the time we just lay around in one of the little “houses” in the garden thinking about how good life can be, the friendliest staff greeting us by putting their hands together each time we met and, all in all, the truly wonderful experience all of it together gave us. I can truthfully recommend this hotel to everybody because, just as the locals in Ubud called it, it has definitely become one of my new little Meccas that I would go back to anytime!

Thank you to everybody at Matahari Beach Resort & Spa!

Helena S. de Ilenczfalva


  1. Gosh I literally feel the summer vibes and heat.
    This is such a magical place and must be paradise.
    Love it. Thank you for sharing These Picture and your amazing time with us.

    with love your AMELY ROSE

  2. Wooooooow, ganz ganz tolle Bilder liebe Helena!!! So wie immer allerdings. <3

    • Thank you, Rin! :) I can really recommend a visit! :) x

  3. It looks so beautiful! I had already falling in love with this hotel from your Instagram haha!

  4. hej, kan du snälla säga varifrån du fått baddräkten som du hade som bild i början innan man klickade på inlägget? =) superfin! ❤

    • I believe it is! ;) Thanks for taking your time to comment! :) x

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