Regardless of how many beautiful hotels I’ve stayed at, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited to present you with a new one than today, simply because I’ve never previously experienced a resort as unique and beautiful as Kayumanis Ubud. I’ve really loved all 5* hotels that I have had the opportunity to visit and all of them have their own special place in my heart and mind, nevertheless Kayumanis Ubud has really distinguished itself because of the beyond serene location in the middle of the jungle, sort of like a dream. Being back in Sweden after a short trip to Paris I really think back of the morning Hedvig and I took a swim in the infinity pool with so much love and nostalgia. Without doubt that pool is now my favourite place on earth with all the sounds from birds and the river floating right nearby where the locals came every day to wash their clothes (to study the habit of the local residents has always been the part of travelling that I find most fascinating and I would really have liked to ask those people if they used any washing detergent or if the results were good enough with just river water). Also, I just can’t help but missing the times Hedvig and I strolled across the bridge connecting two sides of the river with hanging lianas and huge tropical trees surrounding us, or how we had our three course meal and tea delivered to our villa where we spent the whole evening talking and laughing. I feel like it was just such an amazing, beautiful and memorable experience that it is impossible to convey to someone who hasn’t yet visited the property and its’ services, but I will do my best and hope that the pictures will bring some clarity.


All villas at Kayumanis are surrounded by high walls, have their own pools, kitchens etc. with the possibility to have the food brought to the property, all of which, in my opinion, contributed to the feeling of privacy and seclusion. Apart from when we had breakfast on the beautiful terrace restaurant overlooking the green landscape I think we only encountered other guests once during our stay and then it was from afar. Otherwise we basically only met gardeners who waved to us as a polite greeting and the far too sweet girl who delivered the food and tea we had ordered (she was so cute, taught us some vital Indonesian phrases, recommended and helped us book some activities such as rafting in the area and even knew our names before we had introduced ourselves). My favourite thing about the villas was that they had outdoor living rooms, which is yet another thing that makes Kayumanis Ubud so special. It was so cozy to sit in the couch outside and just enjoy our time.

The food at Kayumanis was just amazing and I believe also very healthy. All guests receive a welcome drink shortly upon arrival and I think that the funniest part was that the food arrived exactly the time we had requested. Upon our arrival after I had had some wonderful Afternoon Tea with Indonesian specialities at the terrace based restaurant we asked for food to be delivered and I swear it showed up on the specified precise stroke of the clock. Apart from tasting well everything was also very beautifully set up which of course contributed to the good experience (not only the mouth but even the eye was pleased).

As mentioned my favourite part about Kayumanis Ubud was the beautiful location right in the middle of a tropical garden (cinnamon trees to be precise). The river floating through the property, the Ayung (meaning beautiful) River, is the longest in Bali floating from the mountains in the North to the Badung Strait, i.e. waterway that connects two larger bodies (yay, new English word learnt on my part!) in the South East. Located in Ubud, which has become a Balinese centre for arts and culture, the resort was also very conveniently located near several must-sees such as the beyond beautiful rice fields, the Monkey Forest and several important temples. Regardless of the central location, however, the whole hotel was very secluded and had a very relaxing and intimate atmosphere in between all the green.

In the morning before our departure, after a looong swim in the infinity pool, Hedvig and I had a 90 minute massage each in one of the little tree houses. The two super friendly women (and I gotta say that it felt great that they were women as I would  have felt very uncomfortable being given a massage by a man) were very professional and attentive. The houses where the massages take place were close to the river and high up with a view over the garden so we could really soak in the air, the sounds and the smells of the jungle. Very relaxing, I gotta tell you. I had quite some struggles to get up and meet the driver who Kayumanis arranged with to pick us up for our rafting adventure (super fun, can really recommend it!)

If you haven’t understood it already, I am really in love with this hotel and I swear I will be back with Hugo or my Mom some time soon! You really have got to stay here if you come to Bali as the #kayumanisexperience is really dream like and unique in many ways.

Thank you so much to everyone at Kayumanis for giving us the best stay!

Helena S. de Ilenczfalva


  1. Das klingt nach einem wirklich angenehmen Aufenenthalt – die Bilder sind übrigens mal wieder wundervoll gelungen <3
    Love, Lili

  2. I LOVE the photo of you in the pool! Such a beautiful place! Hope I can go there some time! While waiting for this I’m happy to follow through you! ;)

    • Merci beaucoup, Catherine! Nous avons passé des moments merveilleux dans ce que je peux te recommender comme les coins les plus belles au monde. :) x

    • Thank you, Ashley! It is truly wonderful and I am certain you will have an unforgettable time here! :) x

  3. Dear Helena,

    I can honestly say that your blog is the only blog I visit on a daily basis ! I love the way you write, your photographs, your outfits and how sincere you sound and look. I’d really love to meet you some day and hopefully we will.

    Lots of love and kisses from Sarajevo,

    • Anela, that is so, so sweet and makes me very happy! :) <3<3<3<3 Thank you very, very much, it would have been absolutely lovely to meet you too! :) x

    • Thank you, dearest Inez! That makes me very happy! :) x

  4. It’s been a long time I watch every single things you post (blog, vlogs, photos..), and I would like to tell you that you’re just SOOO nice !

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