Prior to flying to Bangkok, when it was decided that Hugo and I were gonna spend our first nights at Banyan Tree I can’t possibly describe how excited I was (and I stay at a lot of luxury hotels so one might think that my excitement would have been a bit jaded by now, but in this case it really wasn’t).  Not only has this particular hotel been listed among the top accommodations in Thailand, the roof top Vertigo Too restaurant, formerly a helicopter deck, at the 61st floor appears on every list of places that you just have got to visit when in the city, and this is with all rights. Sitting on that rooftop overlooking the entire Bangkok at night I could not help but thinking that it was the most breathtakingly beautiful view of a city that I had ever seen. Our entire stay was certainly one of those (rare) moments where you just feel entirely at peace and satisfied with everything. No stress, no worries, even if in one of the most populated cities I’ve been to. Certainly what I’d like to call a little oasis in the city of Bangkok that is a true travel experience by itself.

Banyan Tree is a luxury chain with hotels and resorts in many of the most coveted locations for travellers worldwide, including Morocco and the Seychelles, though mainly operating in Asia with many new properties in development. Banyan Tree Bangkok was the fourth property to be established in 2002 in the very heart of the city, with as much as 325 rooms and suites to accommodate and suit all the needs of the guests, in addition to a fitness centre where you can book e.g. boxing classes, a business centre with 12 meeting rooms, an award-winning spa spanning over three floors and a swimming pool.

“Somehow, even if in the city, the water, plants and flowers contributed to a very serene and secluded ambience, like a perfect little get-away”

Arriving early morning we received the sweetest welcoming with fresh towels and a delicious welcome drink in the most beautiful lobby before being escorted to the one bedroom suite where we had the pleasure to stay. As it was still so early we were invited to have breakfast at the club lounge with what was probably the highest variety of food I’ve ever had for breakfast (they even had goat cheese and I LOVE goat cheese!!) surrounded by beautiful artwork and fresh flowers, not to mention that the staff was amazing. Very friendly and professional! After a quick energy refill Hugo went to sleep in our super comfortable king size bed while I went up to the rooftop for a swim and a delicious complimentary pineapple drink. After fourteen hours of travelling it was very relaxing to just lay by the pool with my book listening to the sound of the water. Somehow, even if in the city, the water, plants and flowers contributed to a very serene and secluded ambience, like a perfect little get-away.

The pool was also located on the same level as the Banyan Tree Gallery that offers eco-friendly products and handicrafts which is part of the Banyan Tree Group’s sustainability profile. In fact, this hotel group was the first to achieve accreditation from Earth Check’s Responsible Meetings & Events Standards in addition to every year planting trees and supporting impoverished communities with food.

“The ability to make its’ guests feel so much at home away from home is what puts a hotel in world-class”

As I travel as often as I possibly can and spend a lot of time working from hotel rooms, I always appreciate a lot of space and of course also a beautiful interior. The one bedroom suite was just perfect for me and Hugo as it, apart from a very spacious bedroom and bathroom had a third room with a desk and table for dining in addition to some couches for leisure (you will see more of it in a vlog that I am working on, hehe). Certainly like an entire home with no details missing and, to me, the ability to make its’ guests feel so much at home away from home is what puts a hotel in world-class. It was very clear that the comfort of the guests is paramount to Banyan Tree Bangkok that also had very efficient around-the-clock room service. I just adored the furniture, flowers and beautiful artefacts in our suite from which I could work very well, and every day we got a new kind of incense to fill the facility with the most amazing smell. Upon our arrival there was also a small selection of sample pillows for us to try so that the staff would know exactly which one we preferred.

In addition to the One Bedroom Suites, there are also Two Bedroom Suites for larger groups, Spa Sanctuary Suites for those who prefer having the spa in their room, a Presidential Suite and other very tastefully designed rooms with a evident Thai heritage to make the most out of the experience. All rooms and suites also have large windows with beautiful views over the city.

“A stay at Banyan Tree Bangkok is an experience just by itself”

As mentioned a stay at Banyan Tree Bangkok is an experience just by itself (like even without exploring the city) with the luxurious and versatile facilities, super friendly staff, convenient location and panoramic views from all rooms. As if this wasn’t enough the hotel also has as much as seven restaurants with different international cuisines for all tastes, located both indoors and outdoors with beautiful plants that provide the feeling of being situated in a little sanctuary away from the busy city life. Having recently been to both China and Japan I was also very impressed by how well Chinese Bai Yun restaurant and Japanese Taihei managed to capture the national atmosphere. Hugo and I had a wonderful three course meal at Bai Yun while it was raining outside and as the super sweet staff knew that we wanted to try the Vertigo Too roof top bar they continuously informed us about the weather situation and had even reserved a table for us where we could enjoy our desert once it stopped raining. This to me really proves how excellence of service is paramount to Banyan Tree Bangkok. While dining there overlooking the beautiful skyline (as mentioned previously) they played the coolest selection of music (even found some new favourite songs to add to my Spotify playlist) with the most epic matching light effects. Every night we finished at the Moon Bar (located right next to Vertigo Too) as there were the greatest drinks to be found and the best imaginable opportunity to make new acquaintance with travellers from all over the world who shared some really sick stories. I really miss this bar so much and know for a fact that I will be back as soon as I return to the area.

I really, really loved our stay at Banyan Tree Bangkok and our entire experience was truly impeccable thanks to the wonderful team. Among all the hotels I’ve visited it definitely distinguished itself as one of the best and I truly recommend you guys to check it out!

Helena S. de Ilenczfalva


    • Thank you, dear Natali! I can really recommend you to visit Thailand! :) x

  1. Wow, Im jealous! I want to be there too! :D Have fun!


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  2. This hotel looks beautiful! I’ve been to Bangkok before & I would love to go back soon.

    • Thank you, Jessica! I really LOVE Banyan Tree and can truly recommend you to visit! :) x

  3. Very nice post ;) One night in Bangkok and the world’s your oyster!!:D
    I think that trying street food is a must in this city that you should do;) Especially Pad Thai. I would even say that you will find the best food in the worst looking places- the ones, you would definitely avoid in Europe… but it’s Bangkok- oriental settings;)

    • OMG, love that song! <3 Thank you very much for commenting and for recommending street food! :) x

  4. Du machst so unglaublich tolle Fotos und berichtest so schön ausführlich über deine Reisen ? Ich freue mich immer wieder einen neuen Blogpost von dir zu lesen ? wenn ich weiter so tolle Sachen sehe, bin ich mir ziemlich sicher, dass es mich auch sehr bald nach Thailand zieht <3

    • Vielen herzlichen Dank, Susi! Das ist echt lieb von dir! :* x

  5. I’ve heard about Banyan Tree and Vertigo Too before. It is very well reputable. :) I am hoping that I can visit Bangkok and stay at a Banyan Tree hotel soon. :)

    • Thanks for your friendly comment, Margareth! You really should, it’s amazing! :) x

  6. Bei deinen Post kriegt man wirklich sofort Fernweh! Thailand ist wirklich ein wehrgewordener Traum! Es freut mich wahnsinnig für dich, dass du die Möglichkeit hattest ein so atemberaubendes Hotel zu testen!


    • Thank you, Elisa! It’s one of my new favourite hotels! ;) x

  7. Ååååh, vad fint! Er svit såg riktigt cool ut när du lade ut filmen på insta! Ska också till Banyan Tree någon dag, hihi! :*******

    • Bangkok ist ein Traum! :) Ich kan das Hotel echt empfehlen! Viel Spass dort! :) x

  8. Thank you very much Helena! ☺️ I am in love with this hotel and city and will probably go there next summer! ☺️ some of your Bangkok pictures look to beautiful to be real. Enjoy your time over there! ☺️

    • Thank you so so much Nina! :) I really have the kindest readers ever! :) <3

  9. Wonderful hotel! I have followed you for maybe two years now and want to live like you do! :) You are always so lucky to stay in the most amazing and inspiring places. :)

    • Thank you, sweetest Tasnim! I’m privileged and lucky to experience a lot of things and hope you will achieve all of your goals and dreams as well! :) Hugs! xo

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