” Live a healthy lifestyle while travelling”

Hi there, cheeseburgers! Today I have the pleasure to present you with yet another hotel, namely the super cute and in many ways unique lifestyle/design hotel Well Hotel Bangkok! I noticed that many of you already fell in love with the adorable teddy bears I posted on Instagram, particularly the big one with a bow that I named Harriet, and there are so many other cool aspects of this hotel that I want to go further into. In fact, I’ve never actually encountered another hotel with the same kind of healthy lifestyle/fitness profile which makes this all very exciting.

So, first of all, Hugo and I had the opportunity to stay in one of the executive suites that’s a great option for those who like to spend a little more time at the hotel (like us who always take naps in the afternoon, hehe), but there are also other great room types to accommodate all kind of travellers. Located on the 6th floor we had a pretty cool view over the Sukhumvit area where all the malls and some of the coolest clubs (you have got to visit Sing Sing Theatre) are located. In addition to free wi-fi access that certainly facilitates for those travelling in business or just typical wifi-addicted millennials, our suite was always re-filled with fruit, water bottles and other nutrition in addition to having a lot of sports equipment, such as an exercise bike, yoga mat, you name it! Of course there was also a gym and swimming pool available to all guests.

Everybody who worked at Well Hotel were always very friendly with a great concierge service that kindly helped us look up information about and arrange with our excursions. For all guests there was also a complimentary tuk tuk service to e.g. the famous Bangkok sky trains and the most well-known Thai shopping malls that are located in the area around the hotel, which I thought was great for many reasons. E.g. (that I will mention further in another article on things to know before visiting Bangkok) it is very common with scammers among the tuk tuk drivers in the city who try to overprice unsuspecting tourists and, this way, you can tick off the mandatory tuk tuk ride while avoiding unpleasantness.

I really liked spending time in the area around the lobby, particularly in the super cool restaurant where Hugo and I went for some drinks and snack every afternoon (the welcome drink was really great too and served in like the coolest glass ever). I just really loved the details and the funky vibe they provided together with the music that was always played in the background. My phone is still full with close up pictures of the book-shelf and the book supports as I really want to find similar decoration for my apartment, hihi. We really had some great food here as well! Particularly the breakfast was super tasty and very healthy!

All in all we had such a great stay at Well Hotel and I can really recommend you guys to stay there! A truly awesome and very convenient choice of hotel for all kind of travellers!

Helena S. de Ilenczfalva


    • Tack, Josefin! Finns en hel del! :D Dels Terminal 21 där det finns en del billigare (dock osäker på äktheten) samt Emporium (tror jag det hette) där det finns Dior, Chanel etc., yay! :) x

  1. Thos hotel is alot in my taste – very nice style of interior and in the way an own Bangkok style! :)

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