Looking back at all the photos from our stay at Millenium Hilton in Bangkok I feel so nostalgic and a bit sad about having left Thailand, even though new adventures await. We just really had such an amazing time at the hotel where we created memories that I am sure that I will remember for a very, very long time, not to mention that we had what was probably the best food I’ve ever tasted and made acquaintances with some of the friendliest and most inspirational people. I was so happy to end our time in the Thai capital at one of my favourite chains and at what soon became one of my favourite properties in the company of Hugo.

Upon our arrival one of the super sweet front desk agents showed us to the Executive Lounge on the 31st floor with a gorgeous panoramic view over Bangkok, where we were served our welcome drinks. It was certainly one of the coolest and most hospitable lounges I’ve been to with complimentary Afternoon Tea, all day refreshments and evening cocktails, not to mention the delicious international breakfast we had here while overlooking the Chao Phraya river. Those travelling in business also have access to the meeting room 2 hours per day. While enjoying our drinks we didn’t have to wait for long (though the wifi was great and very high speed so I was satisfied and occupied all the time, hehe) before our Executive Room was ready and another very friendly woman took us there. On the way we also passed the gorgeous pool where Hugo and I came to spend a lot of quality time. Apart from, once again, the gorgeous view I thought it was quite fun that the chairs were actually placed in the pool (and not on the pool side) and that there was a part with sand as well that formed a little beach for those who prefer.

Even our room had a very cool panorama window overlooking the temples (the distant Wat Arun looked so beautiful at night) and also this clean and simple but at the same time elegant and luxurious interior. It was so great to come back here every night and just relax in front of the TV or take a bubble bath (Hugo was very excited when he discovered that the bath had bubbles, hehe), particularly as we had a pretty full schedule and at least I was kind of stressed out all the time. It was all very convenient with a great desk where I could catch up with some emails. Luckily, Millenium Hilton also has a complimentary boat shuttle service along the river which we really took advantage of. Everyday it took us to the largest pier from where we could just catch another ferry to whatever destination we felt like going and, in that way, avoid annoying traffic jams.

My favourite spot at the Millenium Hilton was probably the Three Sixty Jazz Lounge with live jazz music and the, hands down, most ah-mazing food and drinks I’ve ever tasted! Even if you’re not an in house guest, if you ever pass by Bangkok you just have got to go here and try the crab and lobster!!! Both Hugo and I really thought that it was so great that we’re gonna try and cook the same ourselves at home, though I have a feeling that it’s not gonna taste that well. I am certain that I will remember sitting there with him, overlooking the ferries on the night river and all the impressive sky scrapers being lit up, even if I one day as an old lady become senile, it was just one of those ever-lasting moments. The people who worked in the restaurant were also so friendly and attentive and kept coming with the most delicious cheese plates as I am such a big fan of cheese!

Speaking of cheese, all of my fellow cheese lovers better listen up now! Millenium Hilton even has its own cheese room!!! It is open to everyone dining at the bottom-floor international restaurant called Flow and you can just go in there and take just as much as you want with fruit and wine recommendations following! It certainly added character and yet some more luxury to what I think must already be one of the finest hotels in Bangkok and, as you noticed on Instagram, I was in there like 30 consecutive minutes at a time trying all the cheeses. You could either enjoy it sitting indoors watching the chefs preparing the food in the open space, or outside while overlooking the immediate river.

I can honestly say that our entire stay at Millenium Hilton was just perfect! Nicest people, best facilities that almost made it feel unnecessary to leave the premises, the greatest hospitality and the most mouth-watering food, in addition to the most convenient location and well though out, world-class shuttle services. An impeccable choice of hotel for all kind of travellers to which I am certain that I will come back once I return to Bangkok!

Thank you very much to everyone at Millenium Hilton for giving us such an unforgettable stay! 

Helena S. de Ilenczfalva


  1. Das Hotel macht einen super schönen Eindruck. Freue mich schon auf hoffentlich weitere Bangkok Beiträge, daBangkoki auf meiner Reiseliste ziemlich weit oben steht. ;)

  2. The place looks absolutely stunning, but I can’t take my eyes off of your dress! It’s an absolutely gorgeous piece and so suited for the location! <3

    Sabina | I’ve Got Sunshine

  3. Great tips.. What I really like in Bangkok is everything comes in cheap.. You can enjoy luxury without too much spending.. ?

  4. I fell in love with the hotel the minute I saw it on your Instagram and then again when I watched your video. :-)

  5. I miss Thailand and bkk soooo much! And I would love to come and stay at Hilton like you. Looks and sounds wonderful!

  6. Love the article, girl! ;) Can’t believe all the amazing things you have accomplished in life!
    – Viv

  7. Bangkok is on my bucket list! Thanks for sharing your experience! Always a pleasure to follow you! :)

    • Thank you, babe! I believe it was called the Klong San area or something, right next to the Chao Phraya river and very convenient! :) x

    • Thanks, so do I! Having an uncle who works there must be so fun if you can come and visit! :) x

  8. It’s really nice place hotel! I am another voice that will suggest everyone to visit there. It is easy to go and easy to lose your money though. LoL I’m so glad that you’re happy traveling in Thailand. Have a great time XD

  9. I’ve read so many of your blog posts. They’re really helping me prepare for my trip to Southeast Asia next summer. I’ve already started planning!

  10. Thailand and South East of Asia in general is wonderful to visit! Very beautiful and different from our life in the West. Glad to follow you on your trips! :)

  11. Thanks for taking us with you on this trip,it’s super interesting to get a more detailed insight on your getaways. Your outfit is beautiful and simple at the same time haha :)

    • I’m not sure because a lot was paid by my boyfriend haha! Will look into it and maybe write an article about it! :) x

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