Hey, sugar cubes!! How are you all doing? So, I just landed in Stockholm after Dubai and thought I was just gonna upload a few more pics here as well! Dubai was certainly one of my best trips ever and is now my top destination together with Bali because it’s just so different from any other place. So excited about soon going back to explore Abu Dhabi and the desert village emirates that are more similar to the traditional Arab desert life.

I’m starting to adjust to the fall season in Scandinavia and am actually quite excited about staying with my parents in Sweden for a week before heading to Norway. Johanna and I ran into some of our favorite fellow travel influencers this week, like Xenia van der Woodsen (she’s even cooler in real life), as they all were attending an event in Stockholm and somehow watching their feeds was really inspirational and almost made me not want to leave town, hehe.

Anyway, after Norway I am heading to Scotland for a super interesting project and straight after that Hugo and I are flying to Marrakech where we will be staying at a riad where apparently Brad Pitt once stayed, hahah. I’m super happy about my first visit to Northern Africa as I’ve understood that, particularly Morocco, is like a place lost in time or taken straight out of a movie. Enjoy the photos!

Helena S. de Ilenczfalva


  1. Oh my goodness what a cute camel !!! I really hope I can go to Dubai soon ! xx

    • Yes, hihihi, he was such a cutie pie!! Thanks for commenting! :) You should, it’s amazing! x

  2. Så underbart fin är du! <3 Älskar att få del av dina resor och din söta personlighet! Blev jätte-excited när jag läste att du skulle till Marrakech hahaha. Ser så mycket fram emot bilder!

    • Ååh, så otroligt söt du är!! <3<3 Tack så jättejättemycket!! Ska se till att ta många bilder i Marocko! :) Många kramar!

  3. Hey (: die posts ueber dubai sind echt super. ich war im mai 2014 & möchte dieses Jahr auch wieder dorthin fliegen. Da dubai einfach der absolute Wahnsinn ist

  4. Your photos are amazing! Would you recommend going here as a female alone? I have always been interested in visiting for a few days as a stopover en route to Europe but people have such mixed opinions on Dubai!

    • Thank you, sweetest Emily! Yes, I think Dubai is probably the safest place in the whole MENA region and I felt much safer there than I do in some parts of Europe! So, YES! I’d totally do it if I were you! :) If you feel uncomfortable Dubai also has special girl cabs driven by women (pink roofs) so you don’t have to be alone in a car with a man! :) x

  5. Absolutely stunning photos! I’ve had Dubai high on my list of places to visit and this makes me want to pack my bags and go right now =o)

  6. The city looks so futuristic and then you see these old Arabic design elements. It is an interesting mix. I would love to explore the city one day.

    • That’s exactly my thought of Dubai! It’s super cool and very different from other places! :) x

    • Är Butterfly Garden som ligger precis bredvid! :) De höll på att bygga i Miracle Garden när vi var där. :( Men Butterfly Garden var också jättefint! :D x

    • Tack så mycket, Martine! :D Ska bli jättekul att åka till Oslo imorgon! :D x

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