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Yay, guys! It’s that time of the year again! Not only is Christmas (my by far favorite season, hehe) only a month away – it’s time to finish another great year of adventures. I’m so happy and truly grateful for having lived so many great moments with some of my best friends and feel like I’ve seen so much in 2017 having been to 9 new countries (15 in total and five of them more than twice) staying in places so breathtaking that I could hardly believe that they were real. Even if it has quite a damaging effect on my personal economy I really believe in living completely spontaneously and consider myself to be quite a free spirit, hehe, so planning ahead a little like I always do, I just put together a list with 25 countries I’d like to visit in 2018 (Russia, Cyprus, Maldives, Mexico, Canada, Kenya, Lithuania, Montenegro, South Korea, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Peru, Cuba, Costa Rica, Senegal, Tanzania, Mauritius, Macedonia, Moldova, Albania, Malaysia, the Philippines, Cambodia) in addition to Israel that I will visit in January after I come home from the Dominican Republic. Of course it will be quite difficult to go to all of them but I always love meeting new friends with similar interests so if you’re interested in joining me on one or two of those please let me know because I prefer company and not all of my friends share my passion for seeing new things! :)

Anyway, before heading to Marrakesh with Hugo next week (where we will stay at the same riad where Brad Pitt and Bill Gates have stayed, lol) I thought I’d share our Edinburgh itinerary in case you guys plan to visit and need some inspiration! :) As you know if you follow me on Instagram (@helena_de_ilenczfalva) I was there with Amanda (@amandajona) who is an ah-mazing photographer staying in a three bedroom/five balcony penthouse at Old Town Chambers that I will introduce in my next article.

The Royal Mile (and surrounding areas) is basically a succession of streets forming the main thoroughfare of Old Town which runs downhill between Ediburgh Castle and Holyrood Palace. Here you are likely to spot Scots in traditional kilt attires playing their pipes in addition to many of the most gruesome spots in Scottish history (such as where the last ever public execution took place). If you’re nearby you also have to walk down Victoria street with its’ colorful houses and a really fun nose (on the left in the last picture).

Dean Village & St Bernard’s Well Dean Village is a former village just northwest of the city centre that was a grain milling area for more than 800 years. Today it is mostly just a cute tourist attraction with beautiful surroundings that are very Instagram worthy in my opinion. A few minutes walk along the Water of Leath is St Bernards Well with a statue of a woman holding a jar and a snake climbing on her, which is intended to depict how the locals previously thought that the water had a healing effect.

Circus Lane Often listed as one of the cutest streets in the whole town of Edinburgh and I can’t but agree. Maybe not a location of much historical value but in my opinion certainly worth a visit.

Calton Hill & Arthur’s Seat Both offering an amazing view over the city. After having visited Calton Hill that’s a well-known Scottish landmark (much smaller and more crowded than it looks in pictures) Amanda got the awesome idea to climb Arthur’s Seat to watch the sunset. As cardio is not really my thing (apart from Amanda who didn’t appear to get tired at all) and we also took the wrong way up, lol, we walked/climbed for about an hour before we reached the top and I gotta say that it was just the most beautiful scenery ever because there is just something so magical and mysterious about the Scottish landscapes. Definitely something I can recommend!

Helena S. de Ilenczfalva


  1. jag förstår inte hur man kan vara så perfekt som du, det finns inget på hela dig som INTE är snyggt- obegripligt :)

    • Åh, vad gullig du är!! Tack så jättemycket, finaste du! :) <3<3<3

  2. I wanna go with you to all of those places! :D I envy your life so much! You always look so beautiful! :) <3 x

    • YES, as a Harry Potter fan you really gotta go!! I could definitely tell where J.K. Rowling got her inspiration from! Thanks for commenting! :) x

  3. Sötaste du, Pelle, älskar också näsan! :D <3<3<3 Asbra kvalité på bilderna också! (y)

  4. I am very much interested to go these palaces as soon as possible .. nice places and professional photo shoot

  5. Wow, you are so pretty! I so like your smile 🙂 It is important accessory of your outfits)

  6. Calton Hill har jag sett på alla bidler från ställen där det står vad man ska se i Edinburgh men Arthurs Seat hade jag aldrig hört talas om och det ser så galet fint ut!

  7. Such a sweet and inspirational post. It is always a motivation to travel to see you explore so much at such a young age. :)

  8. I get major wanderlust for Edinburgh and Scotland upon seeing your post. You always get me lusting for travel lol.


  9. You are so pretty and your photos and videos are making me sooo excited that I’ll be visiting Edinburgh for the first time in March!
    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Thank you so so much, Sirpa! Hope you will have an amazing time! :) x

  10. I adore Edinburgh, and my one and only experience lasted 3 days and 2 nights. I need more of the “EDI Experience.” :-) Thanks for writing about this lovely city.

    • Thank you for your comment, dear! :) I really liked Edinburgh too! :) x

  11. Hejsan jag ville bara säga att du är så himla fin och att jag totalt älskar dina bilder, längtar så till du publicerar från dina resor!


    • Tack så jättemycket, sötaste Ellinor! Så gullig du är!! :)))) <3<3<3<3<3 Kram!

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