Hello from the Red City! I am so in love with this beautiful place and its’ magical vibe! I just wanted to give you guys a quick update and show you some pictures from the beautiful Medina which can be described as the old town of Marrakech. We’ve been strolling through and getting lost in the endless souks (wandering markets if you recall from my Qatar post) so many times and I still can’t get enough of all the colors, sounds and smells! We’ve found some of the most beautiful works of handicraft imaginable in these stalls, however I’ve been rather horrified by discovering how e.g. little turtles in cages are being sold, seemingly without even having access to water from where they are being held.

In the Medina you will also find a lot of must-see spots such as Ben Youssef Madrassa (old boy school) and Djeema El-Fna which is a big square with lots of things going on (snake charmers for example, however I’ve heard that the snakes get their teeth pulled out in the most painful way so that they won’t bite the tourists which I find absolutely loathsome). Worth knowing is that if you take photos of the animals or merchandise you can find here, such as the numerous mules, the owners might get upset and demand you to pay for it so you better just walk  away and pretend like nothing! However, with exception from the mentioned animal cruelty, Marrakech is such a wonderful city! To respond to the questions I have gotten on Instagram I have not at any point felt unsafe or uncomfortable strolling along the little streets. Even though I’ve been wearing modest clothing to show respect to the culture I saw a lot of tourists bare-legged or in T-shirts who appeared not to get bothered or hassled at all. In fact I had some conversations on the topic with locals who agreed that Morocco probably is one of the safest countries in Northern Africa as the monarchy is stable and the leaders very popular among the people!

What’s awesome about the Medina where I would also recommend you guys to stay if you visit (have stayed at two wonderful riads – Riad Kniza and Riad Farnatchi – that I loved and therefore will present to you later) is that, as mentioned, most of the city’s must-sees are located within its’ walls. Obviously it’s a bit difficult to drive there due to how the city part is built and you will occasionally run into fake tour guides who offer to help you find certain places and then demand large sums of money though it’s certainly possible to reach everything by foot. Anyway, I have to study now but will talk to you guys again soon! x

Helena S. de Ilenczfalva


  1. Coola bilder! :) hur tror du man blir bemött om man åker till Marrakesh bara tjejer? Tror du det är några problem eller respekterar de en?

    • Tack, Romina! :) Jag personligen hade nog kunnat åka dit med bara några tjejkompisar eftersom jag inte upplevde det som osäkert alls när jag var där. Dock hade jag ju hela tiden sällskap av min pojkvän så är möjligt att jag blivit bemött annorlunda ifall jag varit själv.

  2. I liked Marrakech a lot but I also noticed the animal torture like you. :( Hopefully one day soon this will change because Morocco is a wonderful country…

    • Thank you for your comment, Lexi! :) Yes, I hope so too because apart from that Marrakech is an amazing city! :) x

  3. These Marrakech pics are absolutely gorgeous!! Makes me really want to visit! 🙂 Still I’ve just heard SO mixed things about the country, some people say that tourism has ruined it and the sales people are so agressive over there. Do you agree on that? or do you feel like some parts of Marrakech is still authentic and worth visiting? 🙂

    • Marrakech is definitely worth a visit in my opinion! :) Very different from other places I’ve been to! Sure the sales people were quite aggressive but not nearly to the extent that I had expected… Bangkok was much, much worse in my opinion because at least in Marrakech they weren’t rude and respected when you said you weren’t interested! :) x

  4. Wow. I can’t wait to visit Morroco one day, the colours look amazing.
    My next destinat is India in January!

    • OMG, India is so cool! I’m so jealous of you, it’s top of my list! Have fun! :) x

    • Tack, Dan! ;D :* Gjorde det idag! :D Kan inte vänta tills jag får hem den nästa vecka, hihihi! Blev en Faye i rosa! :3

    • Thank you, dear! I’m actually going to Cyprus in the spring and am so, so excited! :D x

    • Tack så mycket, babe! :D Jaa, det var så mycket fint porslin i souksen i Medinat! *:*

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