When I first entered the walls of Riad Kniza I was left completely speechless by its’ beauty! Being basically led in from an overwhelming first impression of the vibrant, hectic Medina we were just immediately hit by the contrasting calm provided by this relatively small hotel in terms of occupation but large in terms of spacious facilities with chirping birds and a flowered fountain in the main courtyard. I was basically walking around in some kind of haze as I was so stupefied by all the new impressions. Upon our arrival we were immediately showed into one of the common rooms adjacent to the mentioned courtyard and overlooking its’ beauty, where we were served welcome tea and biscuits before a very friendly woman showed us around the property and to our room that was one out of eleven in total. I immediately fell so in love with everything and the magical vibe it provided, particularly the rooftop that offered such a beautiful view over the city.

When we first came to our room there was a fire in the fireplace, rose petals everywhere and a fruit basket to welcome us. After we had settled down for a little bit we went downstairs for a delicious three course meal and once we came back up the bed was made for us and everything in the room prepared for the night. During the dinner we also had the chance to meet Haj Mohamed, the owner of Riad Kniza, who is also a renowned antique dealer in Marrakech in addition to being a professional tour guide (having guided e.g. Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise and several former US presidents) who was very friendly. Our waiter was also so kind and we got to enjoy the meals accompanied by live musicians.

Together with the pool (where the spa and massage rooms are located) and beautiful common rooms, my favourite part was, as mentioned, the beautiful roof top where we had our breakfast. The people who worked at Riad Kniza were so friendly and professional. Prior to every meal we just let them know what we wanted to have and where and in only a matter of 10-15 minutes everything was set up perfectly for us. They were always there to make sure that we had a great time while still managing to be very discrete, which really proves to me how excellent the service is at Riad Kniza. I still think back on the time spent there with so much nostalgia as it was just a few of those rare and wonderful moments.

I really, really recommend you guys to stay at Riad Kniza because your stay can’t be anything but wonderful. I loved the whole relaxing ambience of this very unique and special hotel, located in the very best parts of town, with super helpful staff and beyond beautiful facilities!

Helena S. de Ilenczfalva


  1. Merry Christmas Helena! I wish you a wonderful time with your friends and family! <3

  2. It is amazing that you have been traveling so much! I hope to do the same when I reach your age. xo

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