Well, well, well! I kind of can’t find the right words to describe my love for Riad Farnatchi in Marrakech, but once again I found a hotel that I really, really loved and never wanted to leave! Everything was just so beautiful and I can’t really recall when I last experienced a service as excellent as at Riad Farnatchi. We really had the best imaginable time here, located right next to Ben Youssef Madrasa and only a few minutes walk from Jemaa El-Fna, and with the following pictures I hope I can do it some justice in terms of portraying how wonderful it was.

So first of all, Riad Farnatchi has 10 super beautiful luxury suites, all of which have different interiors with e.g. balconies, marble fountains, private sun terraces or, like Hugo and I had in our suite, a private courtyard. This is something that I really loved about this hotel as these unique features gave each suite a character and incomparable charm. In addition all suites were furnished with hand made beds, Egyptian cotton sheets and basically every modern convenience there is (high-speed wifi, central heating systems etc.). Even if I certainly adored our suite I also loved spending time in the other parts of the property, e.g. the roof garden, common rooms/restaurants and main courtyard with the amazing pool where we had our welcome drinks. Spending time here made it very hard to believe that we were actually in one of the busiest parts of the Medina as everything was so serene and calm. I will probably never forget the relaxing time we spent at the roof among the beautiful flowers overlooking the city and mountains with a glass of juice in our hands, being surrounded by all of those amazing and happy colours.

As mentioned in the introduction, one of the things that made Riad Farnatchi really stand out among the numerous luxury hotels I’ve stayed at (apart from the obviously gorgeous facilities) is how incredible the service was. It was very evident how much everybody in the staff worked as a team as each one of them appeared to be aware of every wish we had uttered since our arrival. As soon as we entered the building making our way back to the suite a really friendly woman showed up with canapes, as they knew that we were interested in trying the traditional Moroccan hammam we were informed as soon as a time became available in the spa and they even knew that I had been feeling ill one morning and offered me breakfast once I left the room at 3p.m. It was really like we got a personal relationship with everybody there. They were all so sweet and eager to make us feel at home, which we really did. It was even possible to have anything (like e.g. all kinds of food) ordered from the city as someone from the Farnatchi team would go out, get it and have it prepared for us, which once again made it clear how paramount the service is at Riad Farnatchi.

Other wonderful parts of Riad Farnatchi that are also open to the public are the beautiful spa and super cool restaurant Le Trou au Mur (the hole in the wall). Fun fact is that at the plane on the way to Morocco I was reading a travel magazine where the spa was featured and recommended as a “must visit place” in Marrakech. First of all, I fell in love with the very clean aesthetics with the vaulted ceilings and marble details. Secondly it was so fun to try the hammam and get a massage in the beautiful rooms with such a nice scent and complimentary tea before and afterwards. On warmer days the spa also has a rooftop where this can be enjoyed and I really loved how the window in the ceiling made the natural light peek through. Regarding Le Trou au Mur Hugo and I had a three course meal and wine here, which I think was probably one of the greatest restaurants I have visited. Apart from having the coolest and most unique interior it offered both traditional Moroccan dishes and international alternatives and our waiter Kamal was just the nicest and funniest guy ever (not to mention the great playlist! As soon as Hugo and I got back to the suite we had to play some of the new songs we discovered because of it, hehe). I really recommend anyone visiting Marrakech to have a meal or two and this restaurant because it is certainly an experience.

I can honestly say that, even though I loved Marrakech as a city, Riad Farnatchi alone would make me return any time. We just really had everything we could have possibly needed staying in Suite 9 so basically we wouldn’t even have to leave it, hehe.  Upon our arrival we were provided with complimentary Moroccan clothing and Fezes (traditional Moroccan hats) and we had a constant refill of water bottles and fruit, in addition to everything being cleaned as soon as we left. It was just such a flawless experience!

Thank you very much to everyone at Riad Farnatchi for giving us such a memorable time that I will never forget! <3

Helena S. de Ilenczfalva


  1. That sounds like the most amazing place. I better start saving up for this as a next adventure!!

  2. Wow, vilket fint ställe! Tycker det påminner lite om grekiska hus av någon anledning! :D Ser asballt ut! :D

  3. Oh.my.god. That truly is like paradise!!!!! 😮 so so beautiful!!!! Wow those pictures look gorgeous too!! Well done


    Xoxo Jessy

  4. This place is fabulous! I can’t wait to start exploring Africa one day… It looks so unique!

    • Thank you, dear! I really like Africa so I hope I can explore more of it too soon! :) x

  5. Riad Farnatchi looks absolutely gorgeous I love Africa and your pictures definitely make me want to explore more of that beautiful continent!

  6. Wo Bucht ihr euren Urlaub immer :-)? Gibt es bestimmt Seiten? Oder macht ihr das im Reisebüro :)

  7. Looks like a fantastic getaway! It looks incredibly peaceful and secluded–the perfect vacation.

  8. Wow, it looks really fancy! Would love a stay there if I ever have the chance.

  9. That hotel looks awesome! Really liked Marrakech though I think spending 2-3 days are totally enough for that city but I could in this hotel for ages

    • Hehe, thank you very much Ana! I could totally imagine staying there forever! :) x

    • Tack Paula! Älskade verkligen Riad Farnatchi! Ett av de bästa hotellen jag bott på! :) x

  10. It really looks sooo wonderful! Almost can’t believe the places you stay at are real! I wanna go to that spa so badly and have a hammam!

    • Thank you very much, Joyce! You really should when you visit Marrakech! :) The spa is open to the public as mentioned so you can go even if you would stay somewhere else! :) x

  11. GOSH!!! Check me in, like yesterday! This place is absolutely gorgeous!!! xoxo, Aurélie

    • Thank you, Aurélie! :D Been crushing big time over your recent Instagram updates! ;) x

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